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Country Lo Fi Cover Art.jpg

Jenna’s debut album “Workin’ Woman” (2018, Lost Cowgirl Records) introduced classic country and bluegrass lovers to her genuine, spiritual, straight-forward and sometimes comical writing style. The song “Angels Among Us” landed on an official Spotify Cosmic Country Playlist. The entire album received a 4 out 5 star review from Country Music People Europe (sharing half a magazine page with Willie Nelson!).

“Country Lo-Fi” focuses on Jenna’s lyrics, melodies and live performance. Acoustic guitar and vocals were recorded live. Producer Martin Farrell Jr. added one different lead instrument per song (pedal steel, slide guitar, harmonica, piano, synthesizer etc.). A lo-fi percussion soundscape was created recording various real life noises. Snaps, lap pats, dog bark, pills in a bottle, fly swatter, slamming scren door, ice cubes, rocking chair, dog collar jingle, BB gun and others. Much like lo-fi music popularized in the 2000’s, the music incorporates easy listening, rock beats, and chill vibes with a handmade quality.

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Photo by Willym Brown

Jenna is most often seeing playing guitar but also plays banjo, saxophone, and drums.


Photo by Martin Farrell Jr.

Jenna Rae was born in Merriam, Kansas and currently lives outside of Lawrence, Kansas with her fiance Martin Farrell Jr. and poodle Roy Rogers. Jenna is best known for her “genuine, honest, and straightforward” songwriting and her unique vocal tone. Her songwriting journey began when she was in college playing the tenor saxophone in the Pittsburg State University marching band. She started learning banjo in between studying for nursing exams and played in a folk rock band named “Deadeye”.


Songwriting became a big part of Jenna's life after graduating nursing school -writing songs to wind down after a long hard day on the job and on her days off. Being a nurse requires empathy and Jenna noticed songwriting required empathy as well. Also similar to nursing, music can help and heal people. Jenna cut back on her nursing hours to pursue a music career in 2018 but has never fully quit her nursing job and currently works in the burn and wound clinic at KU Hospital in Kansas City.

"Workin' Woman"
 Released 2018

WW cover.jpg

"A gift to the more traditional country fan. With quality melodies Workin' Woman even manages a neat commercial edge. Fans of high quality country music with an echo of the past should give it a spin. It’s quite impressive.”

-Country Music People Music Magazine


“She Started Drinkin’ Again” named one of the top

country songs of the year by Rocky Mountain Radio.

"Angels Among Us” featured on an official

Spotify curated cosmic country playlist.


“Love Havin’ Company” featured on

Ditty tv's upcoming artist playlist. 


"Workin' Woman" Listed as "top 20 albums

of the year in 2018" by River Trade Radio.

Cover art by Megan McCoy

ameripolitan jenna.jpg

Jenna is currently working on recording her 2nd studio album that will be released later this fall or winter. She hosts a weekly Lost Cowgirl Records songwriter swap every Thursday in Lenexa, Kansas at Old Shawnee Pizza from 7-10PM. Check the Lost Cowgirl Records Instagram to stay updated with when she is hosting and who will be featured! She loves traveling with Roy and Martin in their conversion van and recording videos of her original music in beautiful locations across the country. This most recent video was recorded at Eagle Nest, New Mexico. This is also the same spot where Martin proposed later in the day!

Photo by Moonflower Photos

Photo by Jessica Bloom

Photo by Jessica Bloom

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Unfit Wives

In January of 2019, Jenna Rae and long time friend Kahlen Mitchell started a four piece, hard-driving bluegrass group called Unfit Wives. The band features Jenna Rae on acoustic guitar, Kahlen Mitchell on upright bass, Shannon O’Shea on fiddle, Monica Greenwood on Mandolin, and Reagan Zagan on banjo. Each artist brings their own original songs, cover songs and vibe to the band and the group quickly became a Lawrence favorite. Unfit Wives were featured on the cover of I Heart Local Music's 2019 fall magazine with Jenna on the cover. The article inside the magazine told about about the explosion of Unfit Wives as well as Jenna’s work with Lost Cowgirl Records. Jenna produced Unfit Wives debut album (with help from Martin) out of Lost Cowgirl Records studio. Three singles have are currently available on all platforms. The band will release a full length album September 17, 2021 with Lost Cowgirl Records.



Photo by John Knepper

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unfit wives fally.jpg

Photo by Fally Afani


Jenna founded the Lawrence, Kansas based record label Lost Cowgirl Records with Martin Farrell Jr and released “Workin’ Woman” through this label in 2018. Since then, she has helped with the release of  “Vinegar” by Julie Bennett Hume, “Music is Medicine” by Elexa Dawson and "Moonflower" by Lily B Moonflower.

Jenna’s goals for Lost Cowgirl Records is to help artist’s reach a wider audience and to provide a platform for country music lovers to discover unique sounding, female fronted Americana music. Jenna has been recording live video, single mic recordings out of her home studio for the past year for artists as well as hosting monthly Lost Cowgirl Records Songwriter rounds. Martin produces all of the music out of their home studio based in Stull, Kansas and Jenna does the promotion. Unfit Wives album is the first album Jenna has produced with the help from Martin. For more information visit

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