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"Coffee and Laundry"

Out NOW!

"Coffee and Laundry" has an original sound steeped heavily in traditional American roots music. Martin uses his personal experiences and midwestern upbringing for songwriting inspiration but transforms this perspective by adopting the role of characters throughout history. The record identifies most easily with Alt-Country and Americana genres with elements of folk, bluegrass, rock, western and bues. Similar to his first album, he wrote the songs, self produced the album and played all of the parts on the recordings.

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Like most musicians in 2020, Martin has spent most of his time at home - working in his studio, fixing old microphones, writing songs, drinking coffee and doing laundry. Adopting daily routines and working with intention gave rist to teh album's title. It's also a line from the first track "Take Care" ... "Coffee and laundry is all I do, sometimes predictable acceptable too." The song also holds an important message ... "Take care of yourself my good friend 'cause I wanna see your smiling face again." Farrell has seen too many musician friends leave this world too early and made a personal decision to stop drinking in 2017, take better care of himself and focus on making the best music he can create. He has done just that, producing music for Lost Cowgirl Records, Jenna Rae, Jenna & Martin, Lily B Moonflower, and Julie Bennett Hume.


Martin has With a vast collection of vintage microphones and a thirst for creating a new sound in country music. Using a unique hybrid picking style he makes western soundscapes layered with piano, pedal steel, harmonica, mandolin banjo and more - occasionally using ambient sounds of the pouring rain, a creaky door, or a growling dog to bring moments from these songs to life. Farrell carefully constructs each instrumental part into its own memorable melody while using percussion instruments sparingly but strategically for powerful dynamics.

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