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Jenna Rae & Martin Farrell Jr.

create classic country sounding music in a new way collaborating on a genre they call “Cosmic Western”. This music incorporates bluegrass techniques, gospel harmonies, rock rhythms and experimental classic country soundsMartin makes his telecaster guitar and pedal steel guitar speak like a dog, kitten, truck, chicken or whatever the song requires. Creating a wall of rockin’ sound they take their listeners on a Cosmic Western journey with old-timey sounding music and real-life storytelling.

Released January, 2020 with

Lost Cowgirl Records!

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"Cosmic Western Duets" Featured on 


Denver Jamgrass,

NOLA County Radio


 “Timeless country music."

-Scott Stanton (River Trade Radio)

“They are just the freshest breath of sweet air to breeze thru my mind in a long long time and share a real cosmic energy on stage.”

-Ricky Dean Sinatra

“Their music hearkens me back to rural Kansas, where I grew up.”

-Der Bingle

"Relatable, real-life music. Not

only do these musicians sound good, but they help build up the community around them."

-Humpbrella Productions

Jenna Rae and Martin Farrell Jr. met in Winfield, Kansas at Walnut Valley Bluegrass Music Festival. Both were playing banjo in separate bands at the time and bonded through their love of classic country music. They started learning Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris duets and quickly realized their voices nested well together. They began on an undeniable journey of writing, recording and performing music together. Jenna likes to write songs that are “three chords and the truth” while Martin loves to add in unexpected chords, key changes, and complex arrangements. Jenna will often take a simple song she has written to Martin and he will add in a new bridge or chord that takes the song to a new level. Martin says Jenna has helped him truly appreciate the simplicity in songwriting and recognize it as a valuable tool to reach the listener. Most of Jenna’s songs are true stories and emotions about her or people she knows. Martin likes to create fictional stories and characters as well as retell historical stories in a new way. Together they come up with lyrics that can make you laugh and cry in the same breath. While the duo loves writing together, they also keep their separate songwriting identities. In 2018, they both released solo records: Jenna Rae “Workin’ Woman” and Martin Farrell Jr. “Tales From the Outer Country”. All of the music they have released has been recorded in their home studio and produced by Martin. 

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They also own Kansas City / Lawrence based record label, Lost Cowgirl Records and have produced and helped release albums by other artists as well. 

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